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Accel Consulting, LLC is an Indiana based LLC founded in May of 2004 to provide technical and consulting services to companies that provide services to individuals with disabilities. We are located in Brownsburg Indiana which is about twenty miles west of Downtown Indianapolis.

While our main software solutions are geared more toward the Home Health and Developmentally Disable industries we have created a number of other solutions that can be adapted to nearly any organization. We have a Document Management solution for Law Firms, tracking program for Coal Mines, Project Management piece for any organization, Data Analysis for one of the largest property groups in the country and our general IT services.

Why Accel Consulting LLC

At Accel Consulting, our belief is that you cannot simply develop software and expect an understanding of how to use the product without training. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your staff is sufficiently equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to expand expectations. Offering your staff with training from our implementation and support team, we are committed to providing measurable results, 24-7